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Hi Love, Im really glad You are here.  A bit about Me.... For 15 years I worked as a personal trainer and wellness coach. I competed in fitness competitions, I shot for international fitness magazines, I wrote for international health and wellness magazines and publications including The Huffington Post, Women's Health and Fitness, Oxygen, Status Fitness and Inside Fitness to name a few... it was really fun.... and I have since retired from this area of my life.

I spend time now on the yoga mat, in the forest, facilitating and participating in transformational healing breathwork sessions, somatic healing and mindfulness practices .... we could go on...

I have shifted my attention from the physical body to the soul, the heart, the inner child, the old stories, the old patterning, the old beliefs, and the beautiful ways we unwind from them.
I help You shift from a place of Energetic Burnout to a place of peace and self connection, with ease and without guilt.

I remind you of your truest self, I help guide you back to your authentic self, your higher self.

I support you in shifting from lack to abundance, from fear and dark to gratitude and light.

I hold you through your journey ,

I love you while you remember how to love yourself


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