A super easy DIY...

And simple way to get the last drips our of your empty bottles.

Take apart your empty bottles and bury them in epsom salts.

This practice has been such an easy thing to implement, and OH MY GOSH does it up level your bath experience. When I open the lid to my ( super giant) tub of epsom salts ( currently housing.... oh 25 empty bottles) the aroma fills the room, and immediately eases my mood..... perfect for a sooting bath


Uplifting Bath Salts

8 oz jar

1 cup sea salt or epsom salts

5 drops grapefruit

5 drops orange

5 drops peppermint

Add all to the jar + mix well.


Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

2 cups of white or brown sugar

1/4 cup coconut oil

20 drops of essential oils

(spearmint + orange is nice)

Mix well + store in a airtight container.


Wishing you a happy + healthy home,