Experience:15 years



Yoga Teacher / Somatics Facilitator / Breathwork Facilitator / Personal Trainer / Mindfulness + Mindset Facilitator / DoTERRA Essential Oil Educator


Hi, my name's Kyla, I am a retired fitness junkie turned hippie. I spent 15 years as a fitness competitor, coach, international fitness cover model, and author, and have now found my way HOME…..

HOME to me is a sacred place within myself. It is a place I never knew I was without until … well until I did.

I found this place within myself through yoga meditation and breathwork, along with a few heartbreaks and international travel….

What I get out of these sacred practices is medicine to Me. It’s medicine to my soul and helps me show up in this world, in a really good way.

Working with plants and nature, and the built-in tools such as the breath and movement has offered me a new reality, and being able to share these practices with my clients... is, really special.

I used to work with clients to shape the outside of their bodies…… I now work with clients to shape the inside. To help them create space for nurturing and healing, to support the emotional body, to find their deep connection with their divine feminine or masculine nature.

I use Conscious Connected Breathwork, Gentle Yoga, Guided Meditations, and DoTERRA Essential Oils to support the journey.

I am honoured to meet you to know you and to journey with you.