The MOST Amazing Skin Serum EVER


Have you ever cleansed your skin WITH JUST essential oils and coconut oil???

Sounds weird right???? I dare you to try it... its GLORIOUS

Here's how :

Cleansing the Skin:

Tea tree, lavender, frankincense combined with fractionated coconut oil.

Massage into the skin + wipe off with a warm cloth.

Okay.... there's a few serums I make that I use DAILY..... I alternate between them each time I make one.... The way my skin feels after using these is like I've left a high end spa.... after receiving the most glorious facial....

Dry Skin Serum:

20 drops blue tansy

10 drops cedarwood

10 drops lavender

10 drops frankincense

10ml roller or dropper topped with jojoba oil or your choice carrier oil.


Glow Serum:

2 oz argan oil

10 drops frankincense

10 drops blue tansy

10 drops copaiba

5 drops geranium

Add a drop to your usual moisturizer, mix together + apply to your face.


Zit Zap:

20 drops frankincense

20 drops tea tree

20 drops lavender

Add to a 10ml roller topped with fractionated coconut oil.


and the happiest day