Self Nourishing VS Malnourishing

How do you take care of yourself.....

I mean .... how do you really take care of yourself.. of your heart... of your wounds.... of your body.... of your dreams?

Have you been taught what it means to really love yourself ?  To be here, present with all of what you hold. The pain and the joy. The hurt and the pleasure. The memories and the dreams.....

This has been a big part of my own work over the last few years and it feels so good to be sharing what I have learned, and what I share with my clients in this way.

Coming early 2022  

N O U R I S H E D  


Nourished is a self paced course directing you back to the HOME within yourself.

Inside of this course you will learn tools for deepening your self connection, your self love, self worth and to really discover what it means to COME HOME to yourself.

I have created some beautiful guided meditations to bring you into deeper connection to Mother Gaia, Your inner child, Your higher self and Your desires , along with powerful breathwork practices.

We discuss what it means to be Nourished, and Malnourished. We dive into the inner child and what might be our missing experiences needing healing. We explore the divine masculine and divine feminine nature of us all and how finding a sweet balance of them both can be one of the most nourishing tools we can reach for.....

This program was created to live as an Evergreen offering on thesacredessentials.net and you can register and begin when it feels right for you.

If you have any questions I would love so much to jump on a call (which you can book HERE ) or to have you pop into my email inbox (kyla@kylafit.com)


Until then..... sending you deep nourishment


xo Ky