The yoga we see in the media is often not yoga…. It’s often glorified contortionism. The shape of the postures we see look impossible to the average body and in turn, turns many people OFF of even trying Yoga... I get it, it was me too.

Yoga is the relationship between BREATH and MOVEMENT. It is in fact so much deeper than this. YOGA asana, or poses is one of EIGHT limbs, branches, divisions of yoga.

  1. YAMAS - restraints, including Non-violence, Truthfulness, Non-stealing, Celibacy, and Non-coveting

  2. NIYAMAS - observances, including purification, contentment, asceticism, study, and dedication to higher self/ power

  3. ASANA - yoga posture

  4. PRANAYAMA - Breath control

  5. PRATYAHARA- Withdrawal of the senses, mindfulness

  6. DHYANA - Meditation

  7. DHARANA - Concentration

  8. SAMADHI - Pure contemplation

So you see, yoga is so much more than what we see in photos. The yoga I offer is available to all levels. I teach a practice that always begins with a quiet mind and connection with breath through mindfulness. We move in relation to the speed of the breath, in a way that feels good and safe in the body.

I will challenge you, of course, and I will always leave space for you to listen to what the body needs at any given moment.

Practice with me:

  1. 1:1 session via zoom ( in person TBD) 75 minute sessions $100 CDN

  2. 12 Week downloadable Yoga Program with monthly membership including weekly LIVE classes

  3. Online class schedule (TBD)

  4. YouTube

To book a 1:1 Yoga class or inquire about any of my Yoga offerings please contact me.

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Yoga Lean 

YOGA LEAN was inspired after 15 years of working as a personal trainer, hearing and witnessing the same struggles client after client.
"I can't seem to lose this weight, I do all the ' right' things.... should I work out MORE? Do I need to eat LESS?"
This was the case with both my female clients and male clients,
YOGALEAN is a 12 week Yoga program with both pre-recorded follow-along yoga practices as well as weekly live classes as part of our private membership group.
YogaLean was designed to nourish the central nervous system, to calm the mind and body, and ultimately reduce the elevated CORTISOL that stores in the body, which allows us to feel and look our absolute best.
YogaLean is set in FOUR PHASES, each phase with its own intention.
  • Heal
  • Shift
  • Burn
  • Soar
The program is 12 weeks in total, however, the Membership is open and available for as long as you want.
With your purchase of YogaLean you will get FREE access to the membership for 21 days as a Thank you
Feel free to contact me HERE with any questions. Or jump right into YOGALEAN Here - Sign Me Up

Yoga Class Schedule


Yoga Testimonials 

“Kyla is a masterful yoga instructor — and to my mind what I was always looking for in yoga practice. Her pose descriptions are vivid and easy to follow and her pace is perfect. I don’t have to rush to get in and out of poses, which to my mind, defeats the purpose of practice. Beyond this, Kyla is kind, caring, and warm, her music mixes are great, and she creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone, across abilities and ages. I also appreciate the attendance of Tucker, her adorable dachshund, who frequently attends class.”

— Valerie Nathan

“I had been “off” yoga for 2+ years when I discovered Kyla’s classes. My search was for an instructor who teaches classes that are challenging and stimulating, yet at the same time allow for the opportunity to relax, breathe, and become centered. Kyla’s method of teaching yoga allows each participant in her class to participate freely and easily. The practice environment she creates - whether it be in a studio, in the middle of a sunflower field, or a virtual class - is always full of light, warmth, and positivity. Thank you, Kyla, for helping me re-discover my yoga practice, and for your ongoing support 🤍 ."

- Sarita Hutton

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend Kyla’s classes, live in Victoria, attend workshops with her, and even traveled to Bali to practice with her at her retreat. Kyla is so supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable, she is the embodiment of living in love and leading with her heart.

Every time I attend a class with Kyla I feel completely taken care of, she offers many options to suit anybody or ability level and her knack for speaking exactly what I need to hear is uncanny. She has a unique way of making you feel loved, supported, and inspired all while connecting you back to yourself. I highly recommend Kyla’s classes for anyone at any point in their yoga journey.”

- Ashley M