It's no secret that Meditation is good for us.

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Meditation helps stabilize our nervous system, boosts our mood, reduces stress, enhances sleep, increases our attention span and cognitive retention.

Meditation is also intimidating. We believe we are supposed to sit crossed-legged for an hour, silent with no thoughts or movements.

We don't have time, Our minds are too busy for that...


In this 6 week offering, I guide you through one guided meditation each week starting as short as 5 minutes.

Each week includes a nourishing breath technique as well to be used alongside your meditation. I suggest following your weekly meditation, every day if you can

Meditation is like a massage to the mind...you just need to give it a chance.

Course Details

  • 6 Guided Breathwork Videos
  • 6 Guided Meditation Audio Sessions
  • Bonus Meditations & Self Inquiry Journal Prompts
  • Weekly Email Check-ins from Kyla

Investment: $111 CAD

Contact me for details or checkout via Paypal below for access. I will personally get in touch within 24-48hrs with your course details and downloads.

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