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Conscious Breathwork is both a psycho-emotional therapeutic practice and an opportunity to deeply explore and glean insight from non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Conscious Breathwork is a practice in returning to natural, unhindered breathing.  It is a practice that starts with mimicking, as best as possible, this natural breathing experience and ends with being breathed.  When the mimicking of natural breathing – i.e. relaxed exhales and no unconscious pauses in the breath cycle – is sustained for long enough in a session the old stresses that one’s physiology hasn’t yet discharged or integrated start to rise to the surface of consciousness.  These unconscious experiences are suppressed or repressed through both physical and physiological restrictions, particularly in one’s breathing, so when a person consciously invites a change to the patterned restrictions the unconscious experiences begin to surface within the body-mind. As they do they can also trigger feeling states that were tied to the original stressing experiences and the person’s reaction to them.  By catalyzing the lifting of these old stresses into consciousness, a person is then able to address them with corrective experiences while learning from and integrating them.

There are numerous styles of Conscious Breathwork, each with their own styles of facilitation, supplemental practices, and perspectives on how the connected breathing is best done.  They go by the name of Rebirthing Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational Breathing, Clarity Breathwork, Shamanic Breathwork, Integrative Breathwork, Vivation, Breath of Bliss, Biodynamic Breathwork, and more.

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In person ( south island) or online  (zoom) healing sessions available

1:1 90 minutes $125

couples session 90 minutes $225 { in person }

couples session 90 minutes $150 { online }

group of 3-4  $65 /person

group of 5+  $55 / person


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How would it feel to let it all go?

To surrender the stories, the hurts, the memories… to surrender the relationship to what holds you down, to completely and fully let it go.

How would you feel to wake up with a light heart, an energy filled body, a mind free from troubles and the clarity to see through the things that feel unclear.

How would you feel if I told you that the key, the power the door to this version of You… Is already within you.

Your breath.  The simple involuntary act of the breath is not only the key, It is the door. It is the guidance, it is the medicine it is the truth.

Your breath holds the remembrance of spirit, of your soul and of your ancestors and it is ACHING to be released, to be trusted and to be remembered.

Reconnect to Self is about REMEMBERING, it’s about releasing the feelings of disconnect, of emotional unrest and fragility. Reconnect to Self is about the KNOWING, knowing that there is MORE. Knowing you can DO more and BE more, FEEL more, HEAL more and EVOLVE more….

Reconnect to Self is awakening the desire to Heal, to Nurture and to Connect to your truest self.

Through guided breath sessions, meditation, intention setting and curated essential oils to accompany your intentions we will co-create the most nurturing safe environment for you to move through your journey in the most perfect way.



Reconnect to Self is a 6 week intensive. We will begin with a 1 hour consultation, which will include some gentle breathing exercises alongside a meditation. Together we will begin to uncover your intention for the next 6 weeks.

Whether you are looking to release fear, guilt, shame, sadness, self limiting beliefs, past stories or beliefs that are not your own. Perhaps you are looking to invite in more joy, playfulness, pleasure, creativity, freedom, self love, acceptance and strength…. 

This is where we set the intentions.


To add  benefit to your experience I will choose an accompanying Essential Oil for you to use throughout your journey, to support your intention and help you move through the work.

Reconnect to Self is about just that, taking sacred time to connect back to your highest self, your truest self. This will be done through Breathwork, meditation, yoga and essential oil rituals.

You will walk away with not only a sense of new, a lightness, a softness but also the personal power and strength to know that you already have the tools within. You will take with you, the rituals and sacred practices that you need to support yourself during moments of challenge. You will take with you a clear heart, clear mind, and clear vision of how you want to show up in this world…. For yourself.


  • 1 Hour 1:1 consultation with meditation
  • 4 x 30 minute Pranayama breathwork with mantra sessions
  • 4 x 75 minute Conscious Connected breathwork sessions
  • 1 DoTERRA Essential Oil specific to your intention
  • 2 X 30 min calls
  • Implementation of a variety of somatic and interactive practices such as verbal dyad, trembling, shaking, vocal toning and or dance / movement


$777 in full ( SAVINGS OF $108)


3 payments of $295 (contact me)

Breathwork Testimonials 

"I have never felt more relaxed, centered, and grounded in my life. That was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had, it was like I was the earth, the root systems, the trees, the flowers… it was amazing."

- T. Saadoon

"I haven't felt empowered in my own voice, for maybe my whole life. That experience was something else… Feeling like I could use my own voice, to yell and cry and not be embarrassed. It felt really powerful, thank you so much, SO MUCH for all of that, I already can’t wait for the next time."

- D. Williams

"I had no idea what to expect, all I had ever done was yogic breathing. THIS was not yogic breathing. My whole body was tingling with energy, my spine wanted to move, which felt really good, I'm glad you noticed it and guided me to go with it….it was apparently just what I needed. My body feels more mobile, and I feel a deeper connection to it too. I was surprised at the emotional release, but I feel so so much better now. I loved it so much."

- S. Sorell

Kyla's ability to be present connected and hold space for whatever brings you into her presence is beyond amazing.
I have worked with her in different capacities most recently with breath work. I was blown away by her calm guiding strength that put me at ease and allowed me to feel safe to process and dive into hidden emotions that I've been scared to acknowledge.
If you have the opportunity to work with her in any way, please don't pass it up.
- Danielle G
Kyla is such a talented woman with a heart of gold 💛 Her breathwork session are offered with so much love and genuine care for her clients. I would highly recommend attending any of her events and classes!
- Laura S
Kyla has displayed deep commitment to her 'work' in supporting others where they are in life. We met for a breathwork session and did a lot more. I did not feel rushed into any part of the process, held by her gentle patience to let me be myself in the moment and move from that place. We explored a very intuitive and profound journey that was part authentic dancing and part guided meditation, before doing any breath work. There was real magic in the themes we used and I could sense her openness and trust to go with it. I love how she guided me so clearly and simultaneously explored the movement practice herself as well. Every step, every word, allowed me to surrender into the real support of being seen and being encouraged with compassion to go deeper. This was one of the most profound and mystical experiences of my life, and I feel grateful to know Kyla and be invited into her world and her heart in such a kind and generous way. LOVE YOU KYLA!!! 😃 Thank you so much
- Wesley J