I’m Heading out into the Woods for a While

Last September I began an apprenticeship program with a Medicine Woman in the Cowichan Valley... ( If you are not from the Island, the Cowichan Valley is a sweet little area surrounded by forests, rivers, mountains and wildlife..... It's actually where I grew up... it's about an hour north of Victoria )


This apprenticeship was / is titled PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE , and it has been an integral part of my last 8 months .

We deep dive on a plant each month, using its medicines in all the ways in which it is safe and therapeutic to do

of course

We began with the great Grandmother Tree of Cedar.... we have journeyed through Yew, Yarrow, Rosemary, Artist Conk, Geeth N Gow , Mugwort and a few others... We have learned traditional Celtic, and various Indigenous plant rituals and teachings  from local elders as well as safe and sustainable harvesting practices.

I have learned how to really sit with , meditate with and connect to the spirits of the plants, how to honour them in a good way and how to incorporate the medicines and energetics into daily life, living in a city, not in the woods, where of course this connection would likely feel more "natural... more clear... perhaps 'easier'.


These teachings have greatly impacted my spiritual evolution, my meditation practice AND mostly my connection to Mother Earth. I realized in this program that although I feel strongly connected to Mother Gaia, I have mistreated her for decades and have been living very disconnected to her for most of my life..... Now is My chance to show up in a good way.


May 20th, our apprenticeship is coming to a completion and to honour this we are embarking on a Rite Of Passage. We each choose a plant, I have chosen Rosemary. Rosemary the spirit of Remembrance, Knowledge + Transition. Rosemary works to heal ancestral stories that need to be nurtured, Helps remind us of WHY we are here... of our great contribution to this life. Rosemary also holds many physiological benefits such as immune support and respiratory improvements .

So for 3 nights and 4 days I will be in the forest of the Cowichan Valley, with a tincture of Rosemary and a 2 L of Rosemary tea / day... Nothing else. No people , no tent, no journal, no distractions, nothing....

I am not sure what to expect... I am both eager and nervous ... nervous mostly to be so vulnerable in the forest, sleeping on the forest floor....  but the wild woman in all of us, has been here many times.... we were born to do this.

We are , and have always been one with the winds, the trees, the soil, the critters, the winged ones, the 2 and 4 legged, This is where we belong. Connected bare foot, bare soul with the Earth...and with this reminder, I soften into this ...

If you remember over the May long weekend if I happen to come to mind, please send me your love... I will feel it... and will send it right back. Always


I will return and share all that I feel called to share.... and also honour that it may be a personal story that stays with just Me.... but none the less.... I'll return


Here's to Rosemary and her great teachings


XO, Kyla