I have wanted to do this for YEARS

So I have wanted to offer a membership / subscription program for YEAARRRRSSSSS

When I was working as a personal trainer, I thought my offer would be fitness and yoga... for whatever reason it never came to fruition... and now I know WHY.

I wasn't ready and I wasn't offering something that felt fully authentic.... until NOW


So...... coming early January 2022

The Sacred Life Membership 

What's inside :

~Guided Meditations

~Guided Breathwork

~Yoga Classes

~Home Workouts ( bodyweight, bands and free weights only)

~ Guest Teachers

~ Live 60 minute Breathwork sessions monthly

~ Members only discounts for all of my retreats / workshops etc


This membership is $44 CDN / month

It's important to Me that this is an affordable offer. The work I intend to share inside the membership is potent and important. It's nourishing and healing, it's fun and I want EVERYBODY to have access to it and to benefit from it.

I'll be sharing the actual launch of the membership via my email list...... SO if you are receiving emails from me, you will most definitely be in the loop !!!!

If you want to be in the loop and you're currently NOT on the list... let me know :))


P.S I am so so so so so so excited about this


xo Ky