How to CALM Your Monkey Mind

"I can't meditate, my mind is too busy" Have you ever said this???


I hear it so often, it's just like when I share with someone that I teach yoga.... "Oh I should do yoga, I know its so good for you... but I'm not flexible"

Or when I was a personal trainer..." Yeah I need to get to the gym, I'll come to your classes once I lose X amount of pounds or get into better shape"

Do you see where this is going??? The "reason".... slash excuses we use are the EXACT reasons we should DO THE THING !!!!

Here's the things about meditation... it's NOT what we think.

It's NOT sitting still for hours with a mind that is silent.... It is, just like everything else somewhat adulterated and made into something other than what it is.....

Meditation... a practice of Mindfulness.

The human brain... the ancient animal brain... it's purpose... is to be active...to THINK... to protect, to plan, to understand, to be quick..... it literally CAN NOT BE SILENT.

As I stepped into my recent 5 day Vipassana Retreat ( this is a traditional Buddhist meditation of silence and  mindfulness in the form of seated meditation, walking meditation and eating meditation)

I learned the sweetness is witnessing my (highly) active mind as my friend... during 11 hour meditation days there really isn't a heck of a lot more to do hahah

We would start our days with 45 minutes of walking meditation ( think the ABSOLUTE slowest you can physically walk... noting each and every aspect of movement in the stride... heel lifting....foot rising... foot moving forward... heel landing, foot landing.. weight shifting... repeat...)

We then moved right into 45 minutes of seated meditation, where we focus on the primary object of the belly rising and falling with the breath.....when something would distract the mind.. AND IT ALWAYSSSSS WILL, we are invited to notice it... name it... and just watch what happens.... when we again notice the belly rising.. we come back... instead of placing judgment on myself and my monkey mind when I would be noting... Thinking, hearing, im itchy, my back hurts.... I would name the distraction, and quickly would find myself on my breath again..


Each time you notice your mind wandering, is a moment of mindfulness.... THAT is the practice... THIS is meditation... Being gentle, still, slow.... being first with your breath... and second holding the space for the awareness of the "monkey mind"..... noticing the mind wandering and gently bringing it back to the breath.....

THIS IS THE PRACTICE.... some days its easy and some days ... well.... it's not lol


The benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness are VAST... 

calming the central nervous system

reduces stress

supports anxiety

promotes emotional stability + health 

increases self awareness

lengthens attention span

supports age related memory loss

promotes kindness ( to self and others)

improves sleep

supports pain management 

to name ... a few


So now ( if you're still here , THANK YOU) I'll shamelessly plug myself ...

I am offering a 30 Day Meditation Practice ( by donation  - which means that if you can't afford to share anything, You still get to be here )

We begin Jan 3, 2022 inside of a Private FB group - upon registering I will add you to FB and add you to the group.

I will be jumping in live every morning to share a guided meditation for you to either join live or watch the replay


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Hope to see your lovely self inside the group in a few weeks


With love,