How Are You Bringing in 2022

How do you want to show up this year???

What kind of awesome are you planning to bring into your daily interactions and executions???

My intentions are to show up BIG and PRESENT....

in my personal development and evolution....as well as in my business development and evolution

( I have BIG plans!!!)

I want to take risks..... and really step into the spaces of the unknown and the uncomfortable.... after all.... THIS is where the magic happens right ???          OUTSIDE of our comfort zone !!!

I've also decided that if it's not a Full Body HELLLLLL YES... then it's a HELL NO

So within this I have a few offerings coming in for January to share with you

 January 3 : 30 Day Sacred Meditation Commitment begins ( you can learn more about this here   AND you can absolutely join late !)

January 15 : Make It Sacred , Full Day Retreat with Me in Skutz Falls, BC at Rising Sol retreat space ( register here )

What to expect: yoga, meditation, chanting , dyad + Deep listening practices, self reflection , journaling, breathwork, sound healing, connection

10am - 5 pm , cost is $222 

(please pack a light lunch and water)


January 20 , Thursday FREE ONLINE BREATHWORK , 7-830 pm PST

If you are already on my breathwork list you'll receive details on this and if you are NOT on this email list simply email me to be added ( kyla@kylafit.com)

January 30 : Yoga - Cacao - Breathwork 1/2 Day Retreat ( Register here )

what to expect : yoga, connection, discussion, ceremonial cacao, breathwork, release

10 am - 2 pm, cost is $111



So this is your January..... if you feel drawn to uplifting your 2022 intentions WITH ME let's make it happen.