DoTERRA Essential Oils

I am a firm believer in taking a natural holistic approach to our health and wellness. DoTERRA has been my choice for natural healthcare for over 5 years now, and I am so excited to share them with you.

Whether you want to remove toxins from your household with natural cleaners, or you are looking at removing some pharmaceuticals from your cupboards and replacing them with safe natural plant medicine.

Maybe you are looking for support with sleep, energy, postpartum, anxiety, or depression. Perhaps you want to support your children with their needs in a safer natural way.

Natural perfume, skincare... you name it, there is absolutely an oil for it. Stepping away from big pharma and million-dollar marketing offers us the chance to take our power back, and it feels good.

For ANY question regarding essential oils, and how to get them into your home either shop directly from this link or shoot me an email and I can help direct you to the best options for your health goals.

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DoTERRA testimonials 

"I got such bad eczema on my arms from staying at a hotel. I'm assuming the towels and sheets are all being bleached out of control, Doterra cleared it all up! Lavender and my lotion" - K. Steins

"It was like a film was lifted off my lens on life, everything felt easier, I had more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, and I noticed I wasn’t as “snappy” my mood was noticeably improved… (ask my girlfriend lol), and then I’m pretty obsessed with the Deep Blue Rub for post-work relief ( i work a physical job and am often quite sore, deep blue is awesome for that)"  - S.Klein , on LifeLongVitality Vitamin trio by DoTERRA

"I would have to say they have been the best supplements so far I have used. The biggest change I have noticed is how my body is digesting food and how more alert I feel." - J. Lamarche On LifeLong Vitality Vitamin trio by DoTERRA

"I haven’t slept that good since before BABIES !!!!!!!" - E. Sullivan on Serenity sleep blend

"I have to share that since adding Copaiba to my morning coffee I have noticed a drastic change in my nervous system, in my anxiety to be clear. I used to use it topically along my back as you said but after seeing you add it to your coffee I’ve been feeling So great !!!" - K. Francis

"I have used ZanTac for the past 8 years, daily for my indigestion. I was reallllllly hesitant to use anything else, especially something natural. The first time using ZenGest, it only took ONE TIME to notice the difference and the efficacy. It sounds cheesy but this has changed my life… and my husband's. We are so grateful" - L. Reed