Do you have a (moody) TEENAGER at home?

Okay , moody teenager.... or moody YOU lol it's basically the same.

I wanted to share a few of my teams favourite MOOD LIFTING + (skin supporting DIY blend) to up level the energy in the home... 

Happy Blend

10 d lime

8 d orange

6 d bergamot

6 d cedarwood

4 d ylang ylang


Zip Zap ( problem skin topical DIY)

10 d tea tree

10 d lavender

10 d geranium or frankincense

For 10ml roller bottles topped with FCO


Focus Blend

Add a drop of cedarwood, lavender, vetiver, sandalwood

to the feet or diffuser.  Make a 10ml roller with 10 drops of each

and roll on the feet or base of skull.


I would LOVE to hear what your favourite blend or single oil is right now to support your mood or the mood in your home.
Mine right now is Lemon in my diffuser and In Tune across my forehead for my work at home days.... FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.