DIY Bathroom Cleaners

In a half hour you have enough time to deep clean three bathrooms!

Complete the same step in each bathroom before moving to the next step...

This of course is only true if you HAVE three bathrooms... I only have 2, so imagine how quick I can get Two done.
  1. Drop a teaspoon of your DoTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate and a shake of baking soda into the toilet bowl.  Let them sit for about 30 minutes.  The non-abrasive chemicals lift away stains and kill bacteria without damaging the porcelain.
  2. While you wait, collect bath mats and fabric shower curtains.  Pop them into the washing machine.
  3. Dust vents and surfaces.  Start at the ceiling and work your way down.
  4. Spray cleaner on all hard surfaces ( RECIPE BELOW) counter, sink, tub, shower, shower walls.  Letting the cleaner sit while you spray the other bathrooms gives it time to disinfect the surfaces.
  5. Go back to the first bathroom and wipe everything down with a microfibre cloth.  Wipe toilet with paper towels or a cloth that goes straight into the wash.  Scrub toilet bowls.
  6. Wash floors.  Start at the back of the room and work your way to the door.  Use your favourite spray cleaner + damp microfibre cloth.



20 DROPS ESSENTIAL OIL OF CHOICE ( May I suggest Wild Orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, spearmint or any blend of the above)

1 tsp On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

Top with Water

I use this cleaning spray for E V E R Y T H I N G .... Sinks, counters, windows, mirrors, sometimes toilets and tubs... but I most often use my favourite SOFT SCRUB recipe for sinks and tubs

Make this in the container you want to store it in... much easier

Baking Soda 3/4 C mixed with Castille Soap 1/4 C - mix together

Add 1 Tbsp Vinegar and 1 Tbsp Water, mix again and now add your  10-15 drops essential oils of choice ( I often use Spearmint + Lime or Peppermint and Wild Orange

This beautiful scrub is a game changer, ENJOY