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RETREAT WITH ME … Off Grid , Disconnect to DEEPLY connect

Disconnect from the city, from work, from the computer, from your phone and from whatever else might be taking up too much of your precious energy and time…. DISCONNECT TO DEEPLY CONNECT If you have ever been part of a retreat you KNOW the feeling… the expanded heart… the deep soul connection with sometimes perfect […]


So your essential oil bottles are empty….. do you just TOSS THEM???? Nahhhhh there’s lots you can do with them…. TIPS TO UP-CYCLE: #1 CLEAN YOUR EMPTIES Remove the caps, orifices + labels.  If the labels don’t peel off nicely, soak them for 10min in a bowl of hot water + 3 TBSP of baking […]

I’m Heading out into the Woods for a While

Last September I began an apprenticeship program with a Medicine Woman in the Cowichan Valley… ( If you are not from the Island, the Cowichan Valley is a sweet little area surrounded by forests, rivers, mountains and wildlife….. It’s actually where I grew up… it’s about an hour north of Victoria )   This apprenticeship […]


I M M U N E S Y S T E M ; the bodily system that protects the body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues by producing the immune response and that includes especially the thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, special deposits of lymphoid tissue (as in the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow), macrophages, lymphocytes […]

My Favorite Things

Let’s pretend I’m Oprah just for a moment…. I have some favorite things I want to share with you. Now I’m NOT Oprah, so I can’t actually afford to GIVE you them all, but I can offer you some discount codes on a few of them, but sharing is caring, and even if all I […]

Sorry I can’t come I’ve got an appointment with my Counsellor

I was having a really cool conversation with a client the other day about mental health happiness community and communication. The topic of Counsellor’s and therapists came up and it sparked a thought in me…. And so I’d like to talk about it . Do you find it embarrassing or feel a negative emotion when […]

What is The Most Intimate Thing You Can do With Another Human?

It’s not sex, that’s for sure. In fact sex can be sometimes the least intimate thing you will do with another human, which I personally find a bit sad, but that’s not the purpose of this blog.   Sex is wonderful and beautiful and powerful and all things great… don’t get me wrong please.   […]

Bali Yoga & Fitness Retreat

What are you doing May 2019? Want to join me and Tiffany in Bali?? Meet Tiffany (www.liftwithtiff.com ) YogaFitEscape is hosting TWO yoga and fitness retreats in Bali next May. Option 1: UBUD, bali Set in the lush jungles of ubud with rice fields surrounding the town as far as your eyes can see… ubud […]

Travel India with Me

Ahhhhhhhh INDIA….. I can’t even begin to explain my love for this country. I first went to India November of 2016, for just under a month, on my own to finally fulfill my dream of adventuring India. I first started my trip in Kolkata, where I spent 3 days volunteering at Mother Theresas’ Home for […]

RECOVERY…. how the heck do I speed it up?

If you are active, you work out, you dance, you hike, you work a physical job…you’ve felt the soreness… You know what I mean when I say DOMS. Or do you? DOMS refers to DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS… It’s legit! Basically what has happened is you’ve challenged your muscles to the point of fatigue and […]