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DIY Bathroom Cleaners

In a half hour you have enough time to deep clean three bathrooms! Complete the same step in each bathroom before moving to the next step… This of course is only true if you HAVE three bathrooms… I only have 2, so imagine how quick I can get Two done. Drop a teaspoon of your […]

BANANA BREAD…. say no more

Do you have a favourite family recipe? Or just a favourite recipe??? My memories of baking with my Mom are pretty strong… we used to make fresh bread weekly and fresh cinnamon buns….. Mmmmm omgosh I can still smell it. We had a bread maker and I always loved watching the process as a little […]

Healthy Hair Recipes

Super easy DIY’s – save Time, Money + the Environment… I’ve said it before…. I was NOT a DIY’er…. until DoTERRA came into my life… and even then it took me watching my friends do it before I realized how easy it all ACTUALLY is….. I’ve got THREE super awesome hair DIY products for you […]

DRINK YOUR OILS – here’s why

Did you know…   You can add a few drops of  (DoTERRA) essential oils to a glass of water, tea, smoothie or favourite beverage?   Not only will adding oils to your water or beverage provide some extra flavor, but it will make it easy to reap the benefits of oils that have been approved […]

DIY BEAUTY GUIDE – Using your Essential Oils RIGHT

This first recipe is PERFECT for nourishing your skin after some time spent in the S U N S H I N E  !!! Okay, it feels great to nourish the skin ANYTIME… but you know what I mean… BODY BUTTER 1 C SHEA BUTTER 1 C COCOA BUTTER 3 TBSP COCONUT OIL 2 TBSP […]

Ooey Gooey Peppermint Brownie

I R E A L L Y really love Chocolate…. I like dark delicious heart healthy Chocolate…. and I love adding Peppermint oil to it…. Find me at Xmas and i’ll give you ALL the peppermint chocolate bark… but for now, lets eat B R O W N I E S … You’re welcome xo […]


One of the easiest places to start greening up your personal care is eliminating synthetic fragrance.  Do your research, fragrances can be found in many of our everyday products and can wreak havoc on our health. Say good-bye to toxins and hello to essential oils!  Here is an easy way to blend your own perfumes. […]

Medicinal Mushroom Fudge

Not the extra special kinda mushrooms…. but these ones are pretty great too 🙂   CHAGA , known as the King of Medicinal mushrooms, is the second most antioxidant rich food, next kt buto chocolate….. (so I obviously used my Four Sigmatic Mushroom Mocha Mix to make this EXTRA delicious and medicinal) shop here >> […]

Shilajit , The Ayurvedic mineral goddess

Literal sanskrit translation….. MOUNTAIN TAR lol…. good right? But in all seriousness Shilajit, is worth knowing about. So read on health nuts…. read on. First off. WHAT IS SHILAJIT? Shilajit is a sticky substance found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas. It develops over centuries from the slow decomposition of plants. Shilajit is commonly […]

Why I Want You to Eat MUSHROOMS

We’ve been eating them forever, but do we know what or why we are eating? “We are most closely related to Fungi than any other kingdom…” – Paul Stamens, Mycomedicinals When we eat medicinal mushrooms, such as Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake and Maitake, we are ingesting highly absorbable medicinal constituents that are recognized […]