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As you begin to use essential oils these will be the ones you reach for again and again.   Let’s take a closer look…

4 Ways To Use Essential Oils

  You may already be an avid oil user, but it’s always a nice to be reminded of practices that maybe you have left behind unconsciously … OR perhaps you are new to oils, YAY….. I hope that this quick read will offer you some fun ways to get to know your amazing oils. AROMATICALLY […]

The MOST Amazing Skin Serum EVER

  Have you ever cleansed your skin WITH JUST essential oils and coconut oil??? Sounds weird right???? I dare you to try it… its GLORIOUS Here’s how : Cleansing the Skin: Tea tree, lavender, frankincense combined with fractionated coconut oil. Massage into the skin + wipe off with a warm cloth. Okay…. there’s a few […]

30 Ailments + Essential Oils

30 of the most common ailments and ways to address them using essential oils.    There are TRULY so many ways to use Natures medicines. Essential Oils can be used for physical healing as well as emotional healing. The options are endless. I hope this list is as useful for You as it has been […]

DIY Bathroom Cleaners

In a half hour you have enough time to deep clean three bathrooms! Complete the same step in each bathroom before moving to the next step… This of course is only true if you HAVE three bathrooms… I only have 2, so imagine how quick I can get Two done. Drop a teaspoon of your […]

My Wish For You

My wish for you is that you get to feel the expansion…. …. the deep visceral knowing … that your path is clear, that you have the strength, that you are never alone, that it wasn’t your fault, that is was never yours to carry, that you are seen, that you can choose again, that […]

My Solo Venture into the Woods

I spent 3 nights and 4 days with Mother Gaia, with the winds, the sun, the moon, the stars, the creek, the birds, the butterflies, the frogs, the spiders, the shrew…. The 4 legged, and the winged, the crawlers, the ones that fly…. the ones who journey at night when nobody is watching and the […]

I’m Heading out into the Woods for a While

Last September I began an apprenticeship program with a Medicine Woman in the Cowichan Valley… ( If you are not from the Island, the Cowichan Valley is a sweet little area surrounded by forests, rivers, mountains and wildlife….. It’s actually where I grew up… it’s about an hour north of Victoria )   This apprenticeship […]


Plants have been keeping us healthy since the beginning of time….It’s just that they have been transformed into synthetic form so the pharmaceutical companies can make M O N E Y ! Bringing our immune health back in to our own hands just a little is an act of self love and of rebellion… I […]


  Ahhhhh back to BLOG LIFE… I have always loved writing… often creative writing, or poetry….. when I am connected more deeply to nature and to myself, it’s almost like the words are channeled through me…. THIS post, lol it not poetry, but some useful tips on which oils to use when you are blending […]