Self Nourishing VS Malnourishing

How do you take care of yourself….. I mean …. how do you really take care of yourself.. of your heart… of your wounds…. of your body…. of your dreams? Have you been taught what it means to really love yourself ?  To be here, present with all of what you hold. The pain and […]

I have wanted to do this for YEARS

So I have wanted to offer a membership / subscription program for YEAARRRRSSSSS When I was working as a personal trainer, I thought my offer would be fitness and yoga… for whatever reason it never came to fruition… and now I know WHY. I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t offering something that felt fully authentic…. until NOW   […]

How Are You Bringing in 2022

How do you want to show up this year??? What kind of awesome are you planning to bring into your daily interactions and executions??? My intentions are to show up BIG and PRESENT…. in my personal development and evolution….as well as in my business development and evolution ( I have BIG plans!!!) I want to […]

How to CALM Your Monkey Mind

“I can’t meditate, my mind is too busy” Have you ever said this???   I hear it so often, it’s just like when I share with someone that I teach yoga…. “Oh I should do yoga, I know its so good for you… but I’m not flexible” Or when I was a personal trainer…” Yeah […]

RETREAT WITH ME … Off Grid , Disconnect to DEEPLY connect

Disconnect from the city, from work, from the computer, from your phone and from whatever else might be taking up too much of your precious energy and time…. DISCONNECT TO DEEPLY CONNECT If you have ever been part of a retreat you KNOW the feeling… the expanded heart… the deep soul connection with sometimes perfect […]


There is a learning curve when you are first starting with essential oils… be patient with yourself! I’m 6 years in and always learning and growing my relationship to the oils   The trick is…start making recipes to replace old products and put your oils n visible places around the home.         […]


As you begin to use essential oils these will be the ones you reach for again and again.   Let’s take a closer look…

Do you have a (moody) TEENAGER at home?

Okay , moody teenager…. or moody YOU lol it’s basically the same. I wanted to share a few of my teams favourite MOOD LIFTING + (skin supporting DIY blend) to up level the energy in the home…  Happy Blend 10 d lime 8 d orange 6 d bergamot 6 d cedarwood 4 d ylang ylang […]

4 Ways To Use Essential Oils

  You may already be an avid oil user, but it’s always a nice to be reminded of practices that maybe you have left behind unconsciously … OR perhaps you are new to oils, YAY….. I hope that this quick read will offer you some fun ways to get to know your amazing oils. AROMATICALLY […]


So your essential oil bottles are empty….. do you just TOSS THEM???? Nahhhhh there’s lots you can do with them…. TIPS TO UP-CYCLE: #1 CLEAN YOUR EMPTIES Remove the caps, orifices + labels.  If the labels don’t peel off nicely, soak them for 10min in a bowl of hot water + 3 TBSP of baking […]