30 Ailments + Essential Oils

30 of the most common ailments and ways to address them using essential oils.    There are TRULY so many ways to use Natures medicines. Essential Oils can be used for physical healing as well as emotional healing. The options are endless. I hope this list is as useful for You as it has been […]

DIY Bathroom Cleaners

In a half hour you have enough time to deep clean three bathrooms! Complete the same step in each bathroom before moving to the next step… This of course is only true if you HAVE three bathrooms… I only have 2, so imagine how quick I can get Two done. Drop a teaspoon of your […]

My Wish For You

My wish for you is that you get to feel the expansion…. …. the deep visceral knowing … that your path is clear, that you have the strength, that you are never alone, that it wasn’t your fault, that is was never yours to carry, that you are seen, that you can choose again, that […]

BANANA BREAD…. say no more

Do you have a favourite family recipe? Or just a favourite recipe??? My memories of baking with my Mom are pretty strong… we used to make fresh bread weekly and fresh cinnamon buns….. Mmmmm omgosh I can still smell it. We had a bread maker and I always loved watching the process as a little […]

Healthy Hair Recipes

Super easy DIY’s – save Time, Money + the Environment… I’ve said it before…. I was NOT a DIY’er…. until DoTERRA came into my life… and even then it took me watching my friends do it before I realized how easy it all ACTUALLY is….. I’ve got THREE super awesome hair DIY products for you […]

My Solo Venture into the Woods

I spent 3 nights and 4 days with Mother Gaia, with the winds, the sun, the moon, the stars, the creek, the birds, the butterflies, the frogs, the spiders, the shrew…. The 4 legged, and the winged, the crawlers, the ones that fly…. the ones who journey at night when nobody is watching and the […]

DRINK YOUR OILS – here’s why

Did you know…   You can add a few drops of  (DoTERRA) essential oils to a glass of water, tea, smoothie or favourite beverage?   Not only will adding oils to your water or beverage provide some extra flavor, but it will make it easy to reap the benefits of oils that have been approved […]

I’m Heading out into the Woods for a While

Last September I began an apprenticeship program with a Medicine Woman in the Cowichan Valley… ( If you are not from the Island, the Cowichan Valley is a sweet little area surrounded by forests, rivers, mountains and wildlife….. It’s actually where I grew up… it’s about an hour north of Victoria )   This apprenticeship […]

DIY BEAUTY GUIDE – Using your Essential Oils RIGHT

This first recipe is PERFECT for nourishing your skin after some time spent in the S U N S H I N E  !!! Okay, it feels great to nourish the skin ANYTIME… but you know what I mean… BODY BUTTER 1 C SHEA BUTTER 1 C COCOA BUTTER 3 TBSP COCONUT OIL 2 TBSP […]


Plants have been keeping us healthy since the beginning of time….It’s just that they have been transformed into synthetic form so the pharmaceutical companies can make M O N E Y ! Bringing our immune health back in to our own hands just a little is an act of self love and of rebellion… I […]